The 23rd Annual Ace Café Reunion 2-3-4 September 2016

Independently acclaimed as the world’s coolest motorcycle event!

Taking place over three days, the annual Ace Cafe Reunion Weekend & Ride With The Rockers celebrates the unique history, culture and style of the Ace Cafe and what it represents. The event acts as a focus in the motorcycling calendar for all those who are not only interested in the Ace Cafe, Ton Up and Rocker heritage, but also for many others who enjoy a weekend full of motorbikes and fun!

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Over the years, Ace Cafe London has forged lasting and strong links to the global motorcycling community, which is reflected by the many visitors from overseas, one of the largest contingents being The Continental Run, which starts with a party at Cafe Hubraum in Solingen, Germany, before departing the next morning to cross Holland, Belgium and France, gathering numbers en route to the ferry, arriving at the cafe late afternoon, and culminating in an evening of rock ‘n’ roll!

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The Brighton Burn Up & Ride With The Rockers, has been an integral part of Ace Cafe Reunions since 1996, and is a free, grand day out at the seaside on Brighton’s famous seafront road, Madeira Drive. With trade and club stands, displays, live music and special guests, it’s an experience not to be missed!

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Source: Ace Cafe


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